It's the 4th day of fasting everyone!
Alhamdulillah, baru je lps berbuka.
Menu sy utk hrni sgt sederhana ye.
Telur dadar and bergedel, disertakan dgn sayur bayam.
Nasi 5 sudu. Bnyk kn?

Hehehe. Ra bkn apa.
First two days of puasa inc the third, Ra dh mkn terlampau bnyk!
MasyaAllah :(

Cmne nk kurus kn?
Hrtu mse shopping mknn fr puasa, sume Ra beli stock diettt :D
Tp, ayahanda tersayang come to Kolej Mawar and fetch me bck to my home.
Alasan dy sgt simple.

It's my first time puasa-ing ALONEEE :(
Dy sgt laa worried.
Choiiitt. I'm big enough nw dadd.

So yeah ..
Currently, ayh jmput and hntr Ra to faculty EVERYDAYYY.
Terima kasih ayh.
I heart u.

Now, we are tetxing.
I felt great about ths <33
Tp tulaa.
Hmmm we're like stranger!
Completely SILENCEEE.

Cn u guys live in silence condition??
Who cn? Raise up ur both hnds please :)
Ra tkde bnda sgt nk ckp.
Just wanna do some blog-walking.
*current hobby! :p

Okay i'm done here.
Kinda BLANK! '___________'
Later kayh (:

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