Working life bebeh :')

Today, its our 2nd day of working with MAS :)
First day mmg sgt pnt. Lol.
Its quite funny because my hubby ni first time working okayyy!
Big hug for him.

I really hope that he can do well in work.
I hope that he cn cope well w everybody here!
Imma bit worried because he's not the type of person yg sng nk accept new people in life.
He is a sombong-type of guy.

Dia jenis yg cpt hilg focus.
Lol. Masa dlm training classes, he always look around.
Usha usha kot kot gf dia yg comel ni menggatal dgn guys.

I can still remembered how frustrated he is masa our trainer switch my place.
I have to sit next to other guys.
He got mad.
I know how he feels.
But he's being to protective!
Mcm mne nk keje?
Hmmm. I just hope that, he'll think back all the reasons why we did all this.

Thats all fr today. Gotta get bck to work. Chiaoo!

Baby buncit

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