Hello blog readers! *ceh macam ado -.-
Lihat title. Gempak tk gempak. Lol.
Actually, dh lama tk berbloggy.
Well now rasa mcm nk bercerita.
Cerita about anytg.
Nk tau, pls scroll down.
If tknk, pls mem-blaa-kan diri anda.

Hm i've been absent from classes quite a number. My both Bel lecturers wanted to see me. Sir Alfred okay, he's giving me another chance. But Sir Raj, dia mcm kepala hangin sikit.
He evn threathened me to report about this and bla bla bla.

Fine. If dia nk drop aku, suka ht. Malas weh nk explode kn kepala yg Allah anugerahkan ini. Hihi.

And then, td pegi class. Alhamdulillah.
I've catch up with all groups that i'm supposed to be doing my assignments with.
I felt a guilty to hanis and miesya.
Because of me, dorg kne marah.
So td i asked them wht to do and all.
We divided our roles. And i dont mind of doing a bit more than them.

Sbb dorg bnyk susah for me :(
I knw i'm such a whatahella biatch.
Sorry sexy bitches kuuu!
I promised, will not skip class anymore.
Waceh. Boleh pakai ke tu?

Then then then ..
Haih. Syg's probbies.
Gosh! Tktau nk buat lagu mana dah.
Pening kepala chekk dok pikiaq.
*penang mari :p

Well, i dnt wnt to talk about his probs. As its supposed to be btwn us je kn?
Then apa lg nk membebel ni? :/
Haaaaa!! Lets talk about a video.
Omjah. Sweet hell weh.

I bet u guys have watched the video kannnn?? Video psl this one girl deena or sometg.. She's being proposed by a guy yg dia tk knl. And that guy, straight away jumpa prnts tht girl.
MasyaAllah. Terbaik kn?
Dorg nk bersama smpai ke Jannah.
Amin. Sy doakan.
I hoped for tht as well.
But jodoh dan pertemuan, ajal dan maut di tgn Allah SWT.

Sy redha and pasrah dgn ketentuan-Nya.
Tp tulaa. Lain org, lain lahh takdir hidup dia.
Myb mereka ditakdirkan bertemu begitu, tp org lain bertemu cara lain.

Then then then ..
Haritu celebrate bday Yusma, Zu and Amalina M!
I'm so happy. Lama sgt tk lepak dgn girlfriends mcm tu.
Tk sgka syg bg.
Thanks honey :-*

Lps tu.. Heheeh my beloved lil bro's bday! Oh my syggg, u're 2 now.
Seriously, bulat makin nakal. And makin petah berkata-kata.
I love you forever bebehh.

Lagiiiii -.-'
Haaa. Sy tgh demam, batuk and selsema.
Package weh!
Musim... Zu lg kesian, chcken pox :((
Get well soon baby.

And and.. Oh i love maria! Yes. That girl yg nama dia Shaheera Maria. Her real name, bukan nama glamour ye. Hehe. Idk why, somehow i felt suka makin rapat dgn dia. Yes, Intan Aina as well. This 2 girls, are my closest frn rite now.
They back me up in front alfred and all. Sweetest thing from hell!! Just kiddingg :D

Can i stop here at the moment? Nnt sy pk apa lg merepek. Adios amigos.
Take care!


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