Nora comel..

Hehehee tgk title? Gedik uols!
Sje je title tuu. Propa lbih :D
Well, nk cerita about smlm boleh?
Smlm kita g low yat for gadget shopping with syg.

Tired hell wehh -.-
Its christmast eve, so jln sume pack and traffic jam everywhereeee!
Imagine laa kn, keluar rumah at 3..
Msuk dlm low yat itself at 5! Grhhh. Pdhal, smpai kt luar low yat 3 plus..

Then then then, merayap low yat agk lama. I thought kejap je :((
Tp rupanya, hm i'm being so cerewet.
Kesian syg.
I'm truly sorry for my mood swingingsss!

As usual, syg remain calm and keep holding my hand evntho i membebel and mengamukkk :'(
Ya Allah..
I'm such a worst girlfie.

Wht time i arrived home?
A few minutes to 12 am. Gilaaa!
Ayh tk ckp apa, he just diam.
Thank god.

Ahaaa... Apa lg yg perlu sy share?
Yup! Today. Tkde laa kemana pun :((
Keluar rumah pun at 4!!
Hmm nk shopping kt fahrenheit 88 or sunway pyramid, but end up eating and merayap area kota damansara je.

Sedih. Sbb tk dpt shopping and paling utama, tk dpt hbskan duit!!
Haih cmne nk saving ni? *nak beli macbook air okay :/

So so so, nk share some photo :))
Take care!


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