One lonely night!

Hey :)
I'm all alone right now, yea i meant at this moment.
Chilling myself at Mcd Kota Damansara.

Idk why, but somehow i just wanna blog a bit.
To be honest .. I'm sad!
Really am :(
For reasons which me myself couldn't hv figure it out just yet.

Wondered much why am i being alone here? Exactly!
Me either. I'm not so sure wht am i doing here at this hour alone.
Sometg that i'm not used to do -.-

Here, i can see almost each of the people here came with accompanies! While i'm sitting alone here just to calm my mind. Perhaps? Lol.

Well well, wht else cn i say?
Having a boyf or fiance doesn't really make things change. U got wht i meant?

Slightly not even an inch of changes. I basically felt nothg.
Poof! Still the same. Just the title? Nah.
I dnt wnt to get myself confused over this complex thing.

When i'm sad, shouldn't he will be the one that'll calm me? Sincerely, i'm deeply hurt and frustrated much.

I'm hoping for a guy called boyf/fiance which can also be a bestfriend to me.
I'm hoping that i could count on him.
Just a minute now? :)

But he's not even around. Sokay.
I let him to have his own sweet moment as well. I'm such a girl am i? Hihi.

I'm hoping to be alone at any beach now :(
I wnt to let go of everytg i've felt.
I'm being too mean.
Why cnt i just let my feelings being 'rest' even for a while? Can i?

Takecare Nora!


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