1st day of 2012 HAHA

I went to KFC this morning. Then, theres a cashier girl started to speak in english. So, of course laa i do speak back to her in english kan?? Then while waiting for my 2 bucket of chicken, i sat down with my sis. That cashier girl came over, bringing me drinks. Lol. Such a sweet girl. We had a chat. She ask me wether i'm malaysians or foreigners. Muslims or non-muslims? Whatta???
She said i don't look like i'm malay. She's not sure if i'm muslims. It's all because of my look and how i can speak english fluently. Okay this girl, she said she had trouble to communicate with me as she thought that i couldn't understand malay -.-'

PS ; saja je nk share. sorry kalau bosan!


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