Hello beautiful people! Good morning.
Today, i woke up with a smile.
Hehe it's our anniversary today.
So pleaseee .. I don't want anybody, anything or me myself to spoil my day.
Ok good.

Well, korangg .. today is our 27th anni tauuu :D
Not as in 27 years -.-
27 months or 27 kali.
Sometg like that laa.
Hihih nmpk lerr mcm bnyk sikit!

Kkk. I don't know what's our plan today.
I seriously don't.
He seems not to plan anytg :(
Blerghhh biar laa.
I'm fine.
Really :)

Hmmmm haa! Hv u guys ever heard about a game called "Tiny Towers" ??
I just downloaded it dekat applications store iphone yesterday.
Idk laa about adroid or others.
Best gilerrr okayy :p
Ce try.

And as for my days ..
Hm dah 2 hari mkn maggi!
Omo omo :O
Boleh kurus tk agak agak??

Kita berangan nk jd model or myb stewardess.
Pfttt -.-
Tipu jee.
Tk layak punggg.
Haih. Asl laa gemok sgt cmni :((

Okay laa. Gtg.
Nk main game.
Bubbye korgg.
Have a blissful Friday!
Love youu,

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