Wedding Planning.

by Rizalman Ibrahim

also by Rizalman Ibrahim

Is everyone doing alright?
Me too.
Okayyyyyy, nampak title tak?
I know i know its lil bit too early -.-
Ado aku kesah?
Acane tuu?

Well, tiba tiba rasa nk blog about this because ..
A few days back .. Me and him, we had an argument about how's the wedding will be and bla bla bla.
Sort of laa kannn.
For me, it's not wrong to have plans now!
What so?!
Wedding aku pun.
Hihihi :p

Reason nk plan sekarang bukanlah sbb gatal nk kawinnn >.<
*ada laa sikit HAHA
But yg paling pentingnyaa, early planning ni will make sure things went well in the future.
Ye takk??

Syg nk buat 2 receptions, 1 in JB and 1 in KL :)
Dekat JB, syg nak buat dekat Persada Johor a.k.a Johor International Convention Centre.
The max. capacity is 1000 pax.
Besarrr okeh. Jappp, smpai 1000 ke?
KL reception myb yes.

Dekat Persada Johor ni pun, dia ada provide packages for weddings! Ohsem :p
Got 3 Packages that is, Malay Weddings, Chinese Weddings and Indian Weddings.
And then utk setiap packages di atas, terdapat lagiii packages lain di dalamnya.
*err paham tk?
HAHA contoh utk Malay Weddings Package, ada lagi 3 sub packages!
    Malay Wedding Set Dinner at RM700.00++* per table of 10 persons
    Malay Wedding Set Dinner at RM800.00++* per table of 10 persons
    Malay Wedding Set Dinner at RM900.00++* per table of 10 person
The pricing sebenarnya sgt reasonable! Cuma .. If syg nk invite 1000 pax, the cost would be ........
RM900.00 X 100 tables = RM90,000.
*kbye -.-
For more info about Persada Johor, go here!

Baru hall and makan.
Haaaaa. belum decorations, photographer, door-gifts and etc.
Okayyyy. This is shit.
Seriously need to be a lawyer baru aku mampu nk kawin >.<
Hmm if possible laa kannnn..

Door-gifts nak bg cuppies.
Handmade and fresh from mum's oven!
Ikut theme color laa ofcz.
Tapi, theme color for both JB and KL .. Belum decide lama.

After laa, its still a looonngggg way to go :'(
Apa pun, both wedding MUST be decorated with fresh roses! Fullstop.
Lepas tuuu dekat KL myb we're planning to go for Palace of the Golden Horses or JW Marriot.
*berangan duluuuu :))

Wedding dresses? Hahaha jgn ditanya!
Selagi saya tidak kurus murus, i won't think of my wedding dresses.
Huh -.-
*currently on diet, its my 2nd week now. wish me luck AMIN..

HMMMM apa lagi??? Nnt sambung laa :)

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