Welcome, 2012!

Gambar baru untuk 2012! :)

Happy new year semua.
Quite a while since i last updated my blog.
Berhabuk sikittt -.-

Anywaysss, how's ur new year celebration?
Hopefully tidak ada muslims and especially malays yg mabuk mabuk bagai yeee.
Well well ..
Bercakap tntg 2012 ni kann, i'm pretty sure that all of us have got our new year resolutions! :D

Honestly, i dont have a resolutions.
I mean .. I do have a few.
But to be specific, i dnt really have one.
Got it?

Myb sometg like this :))
1. Not to skipped classes.
2. Not to eat a lot especially at nights.
3. Trying to loose some weight.
4. Trying to complete all assignments before datelines.

You know .. Things like that laa! HAHA
Nak explain in details pun, i dnt really sure how.
As i said earlier.
I don't really have specifics one.
What about yours?
Do you even have a new year resolutions?

Talking about this ..
It suddenly remind me to Sir Alfred's saying that ..
To have thousands of resolutions is possible, but to actually accomplish it might not be an easy task!
He's so trueeee.
It's fact ya know .>.<

Lagi apa nk royak?
Ohh hm :)
Something happened between me and my family a few days ago.
Sejujurnya, saya sedih.
Tapi tk sgt.
Mcm mne tuu?

Mungkinkah sbb ego yg setinggi langit?
Perasaan bongkak??
Atau sbb sy rasa sudah terlalu dewasa?
Haihh apakah yg berlaku kepada sy ni?

If this goes on ..
I can't tell how is my future.
Apa yg mampu sy katakan, Ibu and Ayah ..
Tolong maafkan kakak.

Ok ok. Harituu masa cutii new year kannn kita keluar dgn Ema Darling and her bf and my bf and my bf's friend, Darren..
Ohh and my bro, Roul! Ktorg pegi Sunway Pyramid.
Bowling and Pizza Hut.
Lol. Keluar pun dh lambat.
So activity terhad.
Next time hope boleh keluar lg :((

Okayyy now ..
While updating this baby, i'm currently sitting in his car waiting for him to finish futsal.
Sangattt laa panas and bosan -.-
Tolong laa sy!!!
Hmm ok gtg.
Nk tgk Vanila Coklat kt


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