1 dalam setiap 4?

Hehee its today's date of course!
29th February..
Kaitan dgn title di atas???
Tarikh ni hanya akan kita "jumpa" once in every 4 years.
So, konklusinyaa 1 dalam 4!!
Hypothesis accepted :)

Me just wanna wish happy birthday to awak awak semua yg celebrate ur bday today.
May God bless you!
Now, hujan renyai-renyai..
Sayup je cuaca hrni.
Sesayup hati saya :(

I'm currently packing up my stuffs.
Carik bju yg nk and tknk.

I just hate this feeling.
I still remembered, i have this exact feeling a few years ago :((
And the consequences?
Serious shitt.

I'm scared if i'll face the same consequences.
Ya Allah, lindungi hati kami.
Jauhkan kami dari segala anasir jahat.

Let distance seperate us, but i promise it won't ever tear us apart.
Distance just won't drift us away.
This ain't no my pinky promise sayang, i'll prove you my words.


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