Hati dan perasaan, tak siapa pun tahu.

Hi n assalamualaikum.
Hmm title jiwang karat sikit, i know :/
Sorry but i cnt help it.
Terasa mcm nak cerita dekat someone or just luahkan.
Tak kesah laa dinding ke pokok ke apa kn.
Tp nnt mcm org giler pulak..
Ha ha *k not funny, i know

Well, how do i start this???
Ya Allah i need some strength.
Honestly lately ni there are lots of thing going on..

What do you feel if someone, i mean a guy yg u guys used to be so closed with tbe tbe menjauh?
Lagi lagi if u guys dah close for about 3-4 years .. Seriously like whatahell rite?
Alasan mcm tkboleh diterima. No creds???
Seriously, buatpe pakai phone mhl tp no creds?
Internet ada, fb ke whatsapp??
I didnt know pulak those thing agak menyusahkan.

Doesnt it looked like he chose not to care or bother bout u?
Sunyi, sepi, diam seribu bahasa..
So what we girls will think about it??
He might have got a replacement -.-
Might also going out on a date with another girl.

Gahhh just too many things too predict rite?
I mean, if you dont want this anymore.. We can talk it over.
We can sit and solve our issues in a more adult manner.
Dont chuu think so? :(

Honestly, its not easy to love and loved ..
What were you thinking?
Am i not even worth it for u to fight?
Hahaaha okay sorry readers, i might sounded like i'm heartbroken now..

Well yeah.
Just so u now, this person is one of my favourite.
This guy .. His just too special i can say.
I can't afford to lose him again and again and again.
Got wht i mean brah?

I'm not so sure myself if i can ever live without him.
But one thing for sure, why must i wait for him eventho i know that i'm not his priority anymore?
This is too personal to tell to anyone ever.
But i just hoped that someone at least know how i felt.
Appreciate my feelings.

I sacrificed lots of thing just for the sake to be happy.
Not to be hurt.

There u go.
Hahhaa truly sorry for being emo mo mo :'(

Well, i believed i deserve to be happy again.
Till then uollss..


  1. I've gone thru those shit things's terribly hurting..n d only hope is dpends on how d strength of love it for me..takes time to rethinking of sweet memories dat u'd share tgether..juz think about "good-good" things only..think positive..i know it's kinda fake..but as a gurl we must be strong..and juz for a thought..if something get's depends on u whether u want to fix it or throw it away..but I'm quite certain dat u wanna fix it dear:) Banyak Bersabar okay gegurl ;)