I miss you.

Dear sayang..
I hope you could know how i actually felt now.
Yes. I've been telling you repeatedly that i miss you.
But you seems not to care anymore.
I'm just a typical girl with no super strong heart :(

My heart, they are not made out of steel.
It breaks .. Most of the time.
And i'll fix it over n over again.
Just to make sure that it'll still working .. for you, Amirul Syahmi <3

2.10.2009 : Friday
We 1st talked to each other. School trip to genting.
Lol. You looked so quiet.

3.10.2009 : Saturday
Our very 1st date.
Sayang tipu. Sayang kata dh beli ticket.
Padahal u texted me ajak keluar pun around 12am plus already.
Yeahhh and i believed you!
GSC One Utama.
I came alone.
But you came with ur other 2 friends.
I remembered that you were wearing a long sleeve shirt, the one with stripes.
We watched cerita apa i forgot.
Nabil berlakon.
Cerita bodoh and sayang asik gelak je sepanjang cerita tu.
But anyways, we actually spending time talking to each other rather than watching it :)
*and i can still remember your scent!

4&5.10.2009 : Sunday & Monday
We were busy texting.
Pegi OU je everyday.

6.10.2009 : Tuesday
We are official :')
You proposed me while we were in GSC One Utama.
Watching G-Force. Heheee
Then u asked me if i can be ur special girlfriend.
I asked you if u can tolerate with my bad attitude.
Hmm and if you could stay by my side forever.
And you told me you are different than other guys out there.
So yeah, u promised me that u'll always be with me till the end of ur life.

And now ..
After 4 years of ups and downs.
Here we are.
Walking in different path.
You finally chose to let me go.
You chose not to hold me by ur side anymore.
You just want to live ur life without this silly girl :)

And this silly girl..
Tried to walk her own way to!
But guess what?
She keeps on looking back, just in case if u'll ever chase her back and told her to stay.
This silly girl right here had cried out every single tears she had till none left, hoping that you'll shout out her name and tell the whole world how much u love her and cnt live without her.
She still waits.
She never actually left.
Tho, she keeps on telling you that she'll be alright.
Tho, she keeps on lying to you when she said that she wants to see u happy with the girl u chose to be with.
And when she tried to fake her smile, hold her tears and tell you "we can still be friends" ..

Deep down her heart..
She's hurting so bad.
She know that its so much harder this time.
But she got so heart broken when she knew, u finally gave up on her this quick.

When things are hard..
You shouldnt gv up on me.
Because truth is, i never did.
And here i am..
Still waiting.
Just come back already.
Then we can learn to love again.
We can try to fix this mess.
I got ur back, and u got mine.
I might not be the best u've ever had, but i can be the greatest lover you'll ever knew.
All i want..
Is just you + me , together we go against the world.
Because in our world .. It should be just the two of us.
We dont need companion.

The girl who still loves you,
Siti Nora Shikin.

Masa ni tkboleh blah ok. Thanks to nadia :p
Remember this? Haha rasa rasa kt mana?
Gambar 1st date. Zaman sakai kita. HAHA :)


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