It hurts and no one cares.

Hi n assalamualaikum :)
Yup, title mcm tah pape a bit.
I knw .. HAHA nah who cares.
Sorry it has been a while since i last updated my blog.

As usual, jwpn cliche "BUSY LAAA LATELY!"
Kahkahkah mmg true story.
Busy sgt.
Lg dgn mcm mcm bnda jd.

Demi Allah, Nora tk tipu.
Bnyk sgt bnda happened and i dnt even knw mana lg nk carik kekuatan.
It seems like dugaan dtg bertimpa.

First .. My relationship.
Rasanya mmg tk dpt diselamatkan lg.
Sedih sgt sbb we've managed to hold on for 4 yrs.
Yes, things were harder this time.
But you shouldnt gv up on me honey.
Because the truth is, i never gv up on you :(

Tkpela. Kata org jodoh tkboleh dipaksa.
Kita merancang je and Allah SWT yg tentukan.
Mgkin Allah dh tntukan utk dia suka pada perempuan lain and make him forget all of our memories.
Ouch. Very ouch.
Tp sekurang-kurangnya.. Nora ada jugak cuba fix things and cuba bersabar.
Nora tk putus2 berdoa kt Allah supaya satukan ktorg balik.
Sbb si dia seakan-akan hilg ingatan.
Dia buat nora mcm stranger.
He blocked me dekat twitter, fb, whatsapp, wechat n insta.
Bila text tk reply, call tk jwb.

Persoalannya sekarang, siapa yg patut melarikan diri?
It should be me rite?
Sbb dia yg carik org lain.
Haih tp biasalaa..
Stupid me will always be stupid.
Still can forgive him for what he did and still loving him.
My friends all semua suruh jgn carik dia lg.
Just let him be and i shld strt living my life to the fullest.

Ckp mmg sng, nk buat tu :)
Its not a 4 minte or 4 weeks or even 4 months rship.
4 years man.
I'm not a robot with no feelings no heart.
Life is more complicated when those people from ur past suddenly came to join ur current life.
HAHAA sgt apakah right? 0.o

Now, i'm trying to force myself to strt loving single life and keluar keluar keluar just keluar with anyone.
Errrr so far .. i havent started lepak with any guys yet.
We shall see who's tht unlucky guy yg akan lepak with me 1st sekali.

Oh guess what too?
I've lost weight drastically.
Serious shit tak tipu hihii.
Dalam masa sebulan ni, total lost dalam 10KG.
Gempak hell kn? :p
Tp tulaaa i tk mkn for a week recently and i've lost 5KG.
Thts why total lost dlm 10KG.
And i hv not been eating rice for almost 6 months already.
But for me tk ckup kurus lg.
Soon enough. Wish me luck <3

Errr apa lg?
Oh yaaa.
I just got my car.
Kereta idaman kalbu ;)
*suzuki swift*
Syukur alhamdulillah.
Hehee kalau ikut hati nk VW Scirocco R.
Tp ayah sy bkn jutawan.
So tk dapek den nk tolong :/

So far thats all kot?
If you guys wanna talk to me, nk sharing2 ke..
Feel free to do so.
Boleh tweet ; @NoraaShikinn
Or can follow me on keek ; SNoraShikin
Instagram ; noraashikinn
Facebook, not really active anymore.
Nk deactivate dh soon.

Hope you guys stay healthy and take care.
Goodnight and assalamualaikum :-*

*** ps ; I love you Amirul Syahmi B. Ab Rahim. When we 1st met, i had no idea that you'd become this important to me. Hm if you really love her, take care of her. Don't go breaking her hearts like u did to mine. I'll always pray for your happiness. Take care my love. ***

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