No one can ever be perfect.

Hmm hope u guys are doing well!
So am i!
In shaa Allah :)

So yeah..
Will now talk about options.
Zzz why suddenly? Hehe
Its just that i really got nothg much to say..
But still wanna go blogging because i just miss typing.
Eh? -.-

Nah whtever okay.
What i meant by option is, for example ..
You just broke up and you met someone new.
Its not wrong if you be a bit choosy or a bit fussy doh.

Takkan lah u guys just nak terima je who ever the person is kn?
Accept him/her dgn seadanya ..
But i personally believed that its better to judge 'em before i end up to be with another wrong person.

What if, previously you tknk ur ex smoking, shisha, minum, clubbing and terlalu social hell..
But end up chasing for someone yg exactly like tht?
Konon2 u guys rasa ur option dh ckup baik..
Thts someone tk keluar mlm lah, tk pegi club lah apa.
Update status/pictures tgh partayyyhh kt movidas ke changkat ke or whtever natang u guys wanna call it.
Tp depan uolls dia bajet suci angel and cubit semut pun semut ketawa :p

Hidup kau.
Yang rosak tu hidup kau.
I dont gv a damn..
So now..
U guys fikir masak2 ok?
Take care.
Live your life and stay gorgeous :-*

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